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In many cases, production cost is on a "case by case" basis ... depending on the need, location, and other variables. Please contact me and let's discuss your vision as I look forward to sharing your passion.

One or two changes in finished product is allowed, but any more than two changes based on your pre-submitted material can result in additional fees. 

All services require a one half down payment, with the balance due upon completion of the project. Travel & lodging expenses may be required, based on location of shoot and prior arrangements. 


Michelle Clark
Artist Relations

Your Marketing & Promotional needs are in covered by our Head of "Artist Relations" ... Michelle Clark. Michelle will walk you through all Media (photos / videos) and promotional recommendations that will put your project in the forefront of all social media platforms, giving you the exposure and coverage you need for your project & genre of music. 

No need in wasting time promoting to a "hit or miss" audience. Let Michelle's years of experience target just the right audience to help give you the exposure and sales you deserve!

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- Roland Pollard

Producer / Musician / Songwriter / Filmmaker

Roland Pollard


Roland Pollard 

producer / engineer / songwriter / Musician / film maker / Graphic Designer

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