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Go beyond the averarage and step into the unexpected with photography with that tells your story ... without uttering a word!

Don't be limited by filters and effects ... but break out of the normal with photos that bring out the emotion, the passion and the foundation of what your project is all about. With a eye for depth-of-field and a love for color and hue - Roland Pollard Productions will capture your moment in a way that will capture your audience ... demanding attention to you and your project!

With Studio or On Location shooting, we have a price plan that is not ony cost efficient - but flexable to meet your need. Green Screen & Backdrop set-up is available, and of course Photoshop & digital enhansement is just a click away. 

Lastly, let us create create the perfect movie presentation of your photos ... not just your average "slide show", but a video creation that will capture your audience and truly represent your personality, product or brand.

Roland Pollard



producer / engineer / songwriter / Musician / film maker / Graphic Designer

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